Help Me Become a Better RP-er?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm fairly new to rp-ing and I really just want to be a part of the community. I'd really like to make friends, and a lot of my IRL friends say that RP-ing is a pretty good way of doing that!

    If you don't want to go through the truble of looking at my profile, I'll post a quick bit about myself here:
    I'm 19, female, and studying illustration. I'm mostly a part of the Legend of Zelda, Madoka, and Homestuck fandoms (before you run away screaming I'm not a hardcore fan in the least!!!!)

    I'm not sure what else to put here, so I'll leave it at that ;)
  2. Hello Remiel!

    We're happy you're looking to be a part of our community! And I have no doubt you'll make tons of friends.

    So, since you're new, I'm going to direct to you the
    Academy, a place to help improve your skills and request a mentor if you need one!

    As for friends, The
    Cbox is a great place to meet many of our members. I'm not responsible for any insanity.

    I look forward to seeing you around! And if you need help, please ask!
  3. Thanks a ton!
  4. Hello Remiel! Welcome to Iwaku!