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  1. ~ Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked... Nothing quenches human [BCOLOR=#333333]greed.[/BCOLOR] Iv'e got time to kill and people to slay, Yes everything is NOT ok~ :3

    Ok i'm done! Hello fellow Iwaku role-players~!
    My name is Sun Moon and i'm Obviously looking for partners~!
    So if your up for it and meet my requirements you can message me all you want~ ;3

    1. Be opened minded ( I dislike dreamless and thoughtless people )
    2. Must be literate, Spelling is not an issue i have the same problem.
    3. Post up to a paragraph or more, i refuse all people that do one-liners or less then a paragraph
    4. Must be willing to to multi- character if needed, Don't want it were im juggling 4 and your only doing 1
    5. I do not welcome people who are anti- gay and ect, don't like it then don't ask for my skills of rp.
    6. Speak your mind, You want something to be different speak up. I am not a mind reader.
    7. All genre's are fine with me, if i don't understand then explain.
    8. I don't appreciate assholes, if your a jerk and its not in character find another person cuz i wont put up with it.
    9. Finally have fun, I have no really heavy boundaries, I'm here to have fun and expand my knowledge like you. :3

    ( Congrats people if you pass my rules you may continue~! Here are things i dislike then the final list is some parings, If i dont have a pairing you would like message me here and we can discuss it. )

    1. Scat
    2. Some furries like ( Goat, Horse, Bulls, Sheep, )
    3. Consumption of body parts during sex
    4. Water sports
    5. Extreme Cannibalism

    Dragoness x Human
    Fae x Human
    Creature x Creature
    Wizard x Creature
    Angel x Demon
    Demon x Demon
    Angel x Human
    Demon x Human
    Spirit x Spirit
    Human x Spirit
    Elemental x Human
    Elemental x Creature
    God x God
    Demi God x Human
    Neko x Human
    Kitsune x Human
    Knight x Knight
    Dragon rider x King
    King x Peasent
    Oc x Oc

    Bleach Character x Oc
    Kamisama Charcter x Oc
    Sebastian x Ciel
    Sebastian x Grell
    Gravekeeper x Oc
    Naru x Sasu
    Naruto Character x Oc
    Kakashi x Oc
    Anko x Oc
    Kakashi x Anko
    Kakashi x Iruka
    Inuyaha character x Oc
    Nobunaga x Oc
    Hollow Ichigo x Ichigo
    Ichigo x Oc
    Grimmjow x Oc
    Grimmjow x Ichigo
    No.6 Character x Oc
    ( The list can go on im a junkie for anime )

    Mass Effect Character x Oc
    Link x Ike
    Garrus Vakarian x Thane
    Tekken Character x Oc
    Dynasty Warrior x Oc
    Deadpool x Spiderman
    Wolverine x Mystique
    Yu-gi-oh Character x Oc

    ( Much Much more im open to more idea's i am a video-game fiend )

    ( Ok, because im getting lazy i will list names of movies, not like i hate any kind of paring )
    Spiderman 1,2,3
    Women in Black
    The fault in our stars
    Planet of the apes
    Never Back Down
    Tekken ( Yes people there is a live action version of this and it doesn't suck )
    Silence of the lambs
    The hills have eyes 1,2
    Dare Devil
    Fast and Furious 1-7
    ( Again plenty to choose from i am open to other suggestions. )

    ( Not really a long list but still am open to ideas )
    Battle Star Galactica
    Star Wars
    Star Trek
    Alien v.s Predators

    Slime girl x human
    Shinigami x Human
    Grim Reaper x Angel
    Grim Reaper x Human
    Time Traveler x Human
    Android x Human
    Succubus x Human
    Incubus x Human
    Drug Lord x Cop
    Psychic x Commoner
    Monk x Bandit
    Religious x Sinner
    Sibling x Sibling
    Principle x Delinquent
    Teacher x Student
    Slave x Master
    Pet x Owner

    ( This is a long list, have fun~! )

    Congrats that is my list, If interested message down below unless there's a reason to pm me.
    I Role-play all Libertine types
    I Role-play all sexual interests
    I Role-play all Sexual attractions
    Nothing bothers me, So have fun and let the games begin!!!

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  2. These are the ones that pop out to me.
    1. Slime girl x Human
    2. Dragoness x Human (Cause its a Dragoness. I freaking love dragons)
    3. Teacher x Student
    4. Shinigami x Human (Don't know what a Shinigami is. But its sounds epic. Amiright? Lol)
    5. Android x Human
    Pm me please!
  3. Kakashix Anko, Hollow Ichigo x Ichigo O.O there is so many ideas you have that I love
  4. @Nassione
    "Im up for either parts which character in the pairings you wanna be?"
  5. Anko and Ichigo XP I could play Hollow Ichigo not sure how well that will go.
  6. i don't mind being hollow ichigo
  7. Would you like to move to pm to plan?
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