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A roleplay that involves a really good anime, and the movie "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

Now, this roleplay was also inspired by a Fanfiction made by "TheBananaSlug". And as the title states, this is an Alt Universe, meaning that it does take place during the anime but is still roughly after Seras was brought in.

The Plot so far.
[Set after the first three episodes.] After the Valentine Brothers incident, and upon hearing of "Millennium". Hellsing needs to bolster it's forces aside from Wild Geese, so to do this. Integra sends Alucard and Seras to recruit a new ragtag version of the once great "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

Side note.
OCs are accepted. BUT, we do need people to play both Hellsing protagonists and antagonists. In order to do this, players will be allowed to play two characters. Both can be heroes or villains or mixed up [Playing two is optional]. And do not worry about messing up the character here and there. Being a AU, a slipup can be excused. Just nothing major.

Character Sheet [OC use only.]
Appearance [Pics are allowed.]:
A brief backstory:
Location [In other words, seeing as Alucard and Seras most likely not even left London yet. This is where your OC is currently located. EX: New York City, USA, etc:

List of Hellsing Characters available.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Name of each faction shall be put above certain characters, this means who is going to fight who. For example. Hellsing vs. Millennium. Or, Iscariot vs. Hellsing vs. Millennium. And so on.
Alucard [Quatermain?] - Taken by MicheviousChesireX3
Seras Victoria [Mina Harker] - Reserved for Shayla
Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Walter C. Dornez [Dorian Gray.] - Dakota K5
Pip Bernadotte

Alexander Anderson [Mr. Hyde] - Victor Markov
Heinkel Wolfe
Yumie Takagi

The Major
The Doctor
The Captain - Gray
Rip van Winkle
Zorin Blitz
Tubalcain Alhambra

1: Be nice OOC
2: Don't GM or use Mary sues.
3: Be realistic, like would your character be in China when they were in the US with no explanation? No, of coarse not. Unless magic.
4: Life does get in the way, and so if something comes up. Let us know, we wouldn't kill your character without consent.
5: Have fun.

Thanks to the rather helpful guidance of @Edward
This shall be where the signs up shall be.
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Appearance [Pics are allowed.]:
Name: Nhatalia Valicure
Nickname/Codename: Onyx
Age: 27 years old
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 146
Animal Shifting- Nhatalia has the ability to shift into any animal that she's recently seen; physically or just a picture. Staying in an animal shape for to long will cause ht to start losing her sight as a human; forcing her into the wild state of the form she took. Each animal she turns into, has its own little ability attached to it.
Tiger- super strength
Fox- Extreme Cleverness
Dog- Earth like qualities
etc (if this is ok)

Disabilities: Vampire weaknesses
Weapons: The sword in the picture and several throwing knives
Personality: Onyx is a very mysterious woman who is known for keeping secrets to herself; never one to bow down to anyone. She is usually found working by herself as it was proven that most of her other partners just couldn't seem to catch up or didn't fit her right. Which resulted in someone either dying or Nhat refusing to work with them again. In the past, before her vampireism, Onyx worked for her father; who was the leader of a group of assassins. Back then Katarina was far colder then she is now. In the past she just continued to take on assignments from her father without questioning it. Too scared to go against the man that held so much power... all because he and his men hid behind bullets. Though Onyx was his best employee, she was still human. Bullets were faster and with that large number of people behind him; it would take time and a precise plan. A plan with every second having already been planned. That was just how calculated Onyx was in order to stay alive in that sort of life. Reflex and reaction.

After being turned, Katarina is less harsh then she was before... of course that was after going on her first few rampages. With a more wise, calm and patience to her. Nothing like how she was in past and in all honesty, Onyx has yet to ever miss her humanity. Not even once.

A brief back story: Katarina was born and raised within Brazil but she didn't have a normal life at all. Her mother was probably the only thing in Onyx's life that she loved. A woman that was filled with warmth and always made Kat feel better when her father had put her in a state of fear. Of course as the daughter in the Valicure family, she was to know how to defend herself. Home schooled in several courses of education; there were other courses included such as music, cuisine, martial arts and many others.

When Katarina beat her martial arts teacher at the age of 10 years old, her father seen true potential in his daughter instead of a little girl who could do nothing but stare and freeze. Her father wanted Katarina in the business; unfortunately her mother didn't like this. Genevieve Valicure had fought tooth and nail against Kat's father but she didn't manage to get from under his tight grip around her neck. Katarina had been asleep when it happened but her mother's last shout of fear had woken her up, only to find her father standing above her mother's limp body. It had striked fear, anger and hatred in her but the fear... it had stood tall.

It was a cold night when Katarina had been the last one standing against an opponent that had attacked the house; an old powerful enemy of her father's. He had come back for revenge against him and, thinking her father would be affected, changed Katarina. Leaving her for a whole new life that she knew nothing about. Instead, when Kat realized just how different she was... plans had changed. A deep dark thirst had taken over Katarina, who chose to go by Onyx, let her desires loose and killed everyone in that house. Everyone who held any sort of loyalty toward Katarina's father... whom she left for last. Onyx hid the man before slowly torturing him 4 weeks straight before finally snapping and tearing him apart; leaving his body in alley. Something he use to do to hi enemies as a sign of disrespect.
Location: Brazil​
Nice, And approved.
Name:Vincent Hernandez
Weight:197 Lbs.
Experienced Marksman; can handle all types of firearms.
Magic: Basic elemental(Fire, Lighting, ect.)
Healing skills (Very limited.)
Martial artist.
Super human strength. (For a human.)
Too much magic drains him.
Poor communication skills.
Lack of emotional reason.
Weapons:His personal 18 round revolver named "Outsider".
A enchanted holy machine gun named "Peace Keeper".
Anti tank sniper rifle named "Death Penalty".
(All bullets are holy sliver.)
His right arm is covered in a golden gauntlet used for close quarters combat.
•Personality:Loner, short tempered, analytical, brooding.
•A brief backstory: Vincent made with one purpose before he became the man he is now. Kill monsters. He is artificial human built by his country like others like him. The only unique thing about him that sets him apart from the others is that he was the first to be created, and the most successful of the bunch. He surpassed everyone's expectations and had excelled in every test that was given to him. For the first 18 years of living was intense training with the rest of version him. There he learned to kill in the fastest and most effective ways possible. During the time of solitude away from civilization he and others that tried to match his skills were but through experiments for the scientists new break through with magic. Several of the test subjects had died from failure, but Vincent and three others had survived and now had the ability to process magic. At age Vincent had proved to be the best super soldier to be produced from th program. For the next two years Vincent went over hundreds of missions, killing beast of the night to protect his country, not because he wanted to, because he was ordered to. He tried to reason with his higher ups, but was shot down every time. He didn't want to kill anymore and during his last mission, he faked his own death and went into hiding. Now he lives in a small village that he protects it against anyone that posses a threat.
Location: Spain
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This looks interesting. Might take Walter C. Dornez or Alexander Anderson and maybe make a second character. Was hoping to play Alucard myself.
Walter C. Dornez and Alexander are up for takes.
I'll play Anderson and make a character. Might take a while though.
Appearance [Pics are allowed.]:assalent1zh1-1.jpg

Name: Victor Markov
Nickname/Codename: Hell's Marksman or Hellhound.
Faction: the league of extraordinary gentlemen (Hellsing)
Age: immortal
Abilities: weapons master. Lycan transformations, partial transformations, immortality (time holds no sway over him) rapid regeneration, immune to cold environments, heightened physical capabilities including, but not limited to strength, speed, reflexes, nocturnal vision, acute hearing, and acute smell.
Disabilities: can't touch silver or holy objects.
Weapons: anything and everything. Guns, knives, swords, etc.
Personality: Victor is just as cruel and sadistic as Alucard in battle, favoring breaking his opponent's will before disposing of them. Outside of battle, he's often found off in a corner watching his surroundings. Before he was turned, Victor was very religious, but not on the same zealous level as the paladin father Alexander Anderson.
A brief backstory: Victor was once a soldier after the fall of the third Reich. During a trip off base, his car was attacked by a lone werewolf under a blood red moon. The werewolf vanished not too long after the attack. Victor survived, but he was not left unscathed. He had been bitten. A month later, he experienced his first transformation and woke up the next morning covered in blood. Over the next few months, Victor learned to control his transformations and remain in control of himself while transformed. Not too long after he mastered his animal side, Hellsing found him and asked him to join their ranks. Alucard had been watching him apparently.
Location: Ramstein air force base, Germany
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Three fields left to fill out on the cs.
Perfectly fine.

Name: Harlow
Age: 32
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 290 pounds

Abilities: Automatic knowledge (He need but a few seconds to a few minutes to learn how to use something though this does not make him a master of it unless he trains in/with it.)
healing factor.

Disabilities: Slight Vampire weaknesses (Explained in Backstory)

Weapons: 1x FN FAL rifle 1x Colt 1911A1 pistol

Personality: A gentle man who seeks to resolve most situations with his words before violence but has no qualms about taking the life of another if it is needed

A brief backstory: Harlow was born a bastard, his mother was a prostitute and his father just some random John. He was raised in an orphanage ran by the catholic church in Italy and while most Church teachings were ignored by Harlow one stuck with him and that was do unto others. When he came of age he moved to the united states where he went to college unfortunately he was soon in debt for his education and to pay his debt he did something reckless that would set his destiny he joined FFL or the French foreign legion. Harlow learned how to fight how to kill with the FFL and seemed to thrive in an environment of war, three years after he joined his platoon was deployed in Africa when they encountered something that should not exist, a vampire. It was in an abandoned silver mine where the locals had said many people had been disappearing into their investigation was quiet at first though this changed when they made it to the bottom of the mine. Harlow can't recall what happened next other than he was the only survivor and was found aimlessly wandering the savanna covered in more blood than a new born, Harlow had killed the vampire down in that mine but he got it's blood in many of his open wounds and now suffers from their weaknesses.

Location: Uzes France.​
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After watching the OVAs again I decided I will take Walter as another character.
Sorry for disappearing, but i quit receiving notifications for the other thread x.x
And just to let you guys know ahead of time alucard will be played as a female, sorry if this bothers anyone
And I think a good idea would be to include which faction you would be either part of/ joining in the future, that way everyone knows who their theoretical enemies would be
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