Hellsing and Nazi Zombies style survival/Action RP.


Warmaster Death

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Righto, for now all i have is a world were a Hellsing substitute organization (or the one from the anime if people would prefer that) colliding with the world of Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies, basically my plan so far is to have the PCs first adjust to the changes, then find out who or what caused the worldmerge and deal with them.

any other ideas/interest in this concept?
Until I can think of something here's a wee something to enjoy.


also, theme song for the RP, as in the song that inspired the idea!

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The most I can think of is mopping up after the initial attack. All those ghouls made by Millenium's passing aren't going to undie on their own.
Righto then, lets talk intro plot.

lets say Nazi zombies running around a large estate, hellsing rocks up and finds survivors fighting holding them off.

how does this sound as a hook, not interesting enough, just interesting enough?
I don't know what the hellsing world is - but I love anything zombie related. Would be down for some brutal survive as long as possible zombie action. Wether it be based around a large estate or even a compound of sorts with multiple buildings the characters can run around between. Hell, if we do it in europe or an old building we could even stumble upon underground tunnels to run like hell from zombies through. I don't know, but, I'm definately down for some zombie action.
d...didja say HELLSING!!!!! BWAHAHAH!!!!! O_O.. count me in!