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  1. Yo guysssss

    I'm mamon, I type like an idiot when OOC but I'm actually pretty decent when I'm seriously roleplaying lollll

    here for sweet roleplays that post frequently but have cool people behind them. I graduated from college and i'm currently on a paid internship for data analytics. Most of my time is spent working on databases and reports while checking skype/forums for RP posts and chats.

    keep me company while I'm chained to my desk.

    be a hero.

    hit me upppp
  2. HELLO welcome to iwaku hope you have fun here and make a lot of friends!
    *hugs* :3
    Hope to RP sometime<3
  3. How do you PM on this website lol I'd love to start something ;)
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  4. Welcomesies to Iwaku!
  5. Click there photo and click start conversation :3
  6. thank you!!
  7. Thanks! PMed <3
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  8. Halloooooo Mamon! Welcome to the community!
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