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  1. I'm new! I just joined about 30 minutes ago. I"m a huge fan of Role Play, but I may be a tad rusty, as it's been a few years. But I hear it's not one of those skills that you just 'forget' with time. :P Few things you should know about me is that I AM A CHRISTIAN. I stand for Jesus. I live for Jesus. Therefore, I would rather not join RPS that have tons of sex scenes, or lots of cussing. BUT I do love making new friends, and trying new things! Check out my resume and send me an invite! :bouncy:
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  2. 'Jesus answered: for I am the way and the truth and the light. None come through the father except through me.
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  3. :) Amen! :)
  4. I'm a dedicated Christian! Welcome!
  5. Thank you! :) One Question, why does it say Person of Letters under my picture?
  6. Well you can change the title where you go to change your picture. It's your 'title'
  7. OOohh cool. I kinda like the sound of it actually XD
  8. Sorry I had to do something.
  9. When you do not set a custom title for yourself, your title is a generic set of silly things that will change as you get more posts on the forum!

    Welcome to the site, Bitters!
  10. Welcome, Bitter!
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