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  1. Hello! I'm once again looking for one or two more roleplays. I tend to prefer to play males. I do fantasy/magical type themes with any type/species of character. I have everything from humans to dragons. Anything I dont have I can gladly create. I prefer there to be plot before we start, and while I do enjoy some romance, I dont like it being the main focus. Action/adventure stuff like that is what I prefer. I have a list of plots I've come up with in the past in my journal, its the only entry in there, so dont be afraid to check it out. If interested, shoot me a message here or in PMs! ^-^
  2. Hey redwolf, I'm interested! I love magic themes, have some plot ideas, and am glad to get rid of romance, for once. Before I go on though, is there anything else you'd like to mention for the RP?
  3. Nope, not at all. Got any ideas?
  4. Yes, how does this idea sound:

    Overnight hundreds of children disappear, for the fifth year in a row,
    Unknown to the rest of the population, these children are sent into a game world,
    Once there, they each seem to get their own power from a certain game,
    The cruel organization who stole the children watches their reactions and progress for research,
    Escape and amnesia are offered to anybody who can beat 250 other gamers,
    Now people fight alone and in teams, using the power of their given game to escape.
    This is Gamer's World.
  5. Eh, doesnt really strike my interest XD Sorry.
  6. Ok, how about something more realistic?
  7. I have some plots listed here. If any interest you, let me know, if not we can come up with something else :)
  8. The dragon X dragon slayer one sounds fun.
  9. just wounding if this is still open because i would love to rp with you, Red.
  10. Yup! Still open :)
  11. cool you want to talk her or Pm
  12. We can chat over pm. That'll be easier :)
  13. alright
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.