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  1. Hi! Call me Adachi. It's nice to meet you all~! ^^ I mostly like fandom roleplays, but I can do fantasy and romance as well. I've been writing and roleplaying for about six years. o: The only type of roleplay I don't care for really is sci-fi. o: My favorite series are Persona, Blazblue, Fire Emblem, Pandora Hearts, Madoka Magica, and various otome games! I hope to start RPing, and making friends here. :3 Don't hesitate to message me or say hi. xD
  2. Wow I'm lame I meant to say hi earlier.

    Hey hey hey!!! Nice to meet you!
  3. Hello to you too, I hope to role-play with you soon.
    And six years? Wow, you must be a pro.
    Anyway, my name is Add-kun and I am a Cat Empress.
    O u O
  4. Hello! ^^ It's nice to meet the both of you.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!
    Please enjoy your stay! ouo
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.