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  1. Hi there! Like a few others I've seen, I'm another migrator from another site! I'm hoping to bring my RP into a much more secure site and Iwaku looks absolutely wonderful! I'm happy to be here c:

    Let's see, I'm female and a college student. I've been roleplaying for about 7 or so years now. I love group roleplays as well as one on ones. Um...The easiest thing to call me is Cinder, and I look forward to seeing what Iwaku has to offer!

    Thanks for having me c:
  2. Hello, welcome =)
  3. Hallo there Cinder, welcome to the community! ^o^
  4. Welcome to Iwaku , Cinder~ Enjoy your stay :)
  5. Thank you all :D
  6. Hey Cinder, welcome to Iwaku! I hope you like it here ^^
  7. Welcome to the family, Cinder. Hope Iwaku has all you're looking for :)
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