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  1. Hello there, the name's Jackson, but you can call me Jack, Jay, or Shark.. or something pertaining to my username, I don't know, whatever you'd like, really!
    I've been roleplaying for a couple of years now and decided it was time to get a fresh start on a new website after being on a few others.. so, uh, here I am!
    I'm something-years-old (just gonna say, that's under 18)
    I tend to be slightly awkward when talking to new people and find it a little tough to break the ice, so sorry if it shows when you try to approach me.
    I like a lot of stuff that'd be too much to list, but amongst those things is anime, manga, a couple of bands and artists, doodling, roleplaying (obviously), and some other stuff that is far too teen-agery to make me seem grown up to even those slightly older than me (or just as old as me).

    So, uhm, yeah, no idea what else to put, so, hey!
  2. *appears and bows* Greetings and welcome to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a wonderful time here and make many fond memories.
  3. Hey...

    Welcome to Iwaku! It's awesome here theres so many kick-ass roleplays. If you haven't already check out the Roleplay 101 and the Community 101 in the Help section.

    See you around!
  4. /emits welcoming grunts
  5. thank you so much for the welcomes, as well as those manly sounding welcoming grunts.

    really appreciate it :,)
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  6. Hallo Jackson, welcome to the site! :D

    My brother has hemophilia. O_O He lives here with me.
  7. thanks, Diana!

    and huh, i've never known anyone or known anybody who's known someone with hemophilia.
    hope your brother stays safe, though!
  8. uh, hmm. um. hmm....
    Should I welcome a disease to the site?
    This is Iwaku though... hey.
    Roleplay lots
    Mr. BK
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, Jackson~ :)
  10. You won't feel awkward with the type of people here. They'll make you feel at home! Welcome to Iwaku. =)
  11. Well, I'm the friendliest genetic disorder you'll ever meet, so might as well >3

    but thanks to all three of you for the welcomes, I'm starting to feel very at home already! :>