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  1. I usually go by Alex, but whatever variation of that also works :D. I'm a seventeen year old guy that works at a shitty fast food restaurant. I've never done RP before, so I've decided that it's time. I'll probably be more comfortable in a group setting at first, but I'm sure that'll change once I know what I'm doing.

    Other than that, if you really want to know, just ask me :D.
  2. What made you come here and how do you plan to write as a Rper if you never done it before ?@.@

    good of luck and welcome to the Madness xD
  3. Firebutts! >:3 Welcome to the site and the best adventure ever!
  4. Thanks for the welcome :D. To answer your question, I posted last night, and I just kind of formed my writing off of an earlier post. I used the previous post as my template, and it seemed to work. Very original, I know :D.