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  1. Well the smiley in the title was suppose to be a cat :cat: but it just looks like a cheering person:confetti: TT-TT Oh well...

    Anyways, I'm Sinopa, Sin for short. I have been roleplaying for almost 2 months now (Not counting the roleplaying I did when I was a child with my sister, but back then it was just playing lol). I am 18 but I won't be doing any "mature" roleplays. I'm active on weekdays, (10am to 6pm eastern time, Florida [I'm on and off from 6pm to 12am]) not so much on weekends. I came from another roleplaying site (Still go on it), though its not very active XD.

    (:pikachu: Pika pika O.O... So many smileys XD)

    I'm excited to join IWAKU and I can't wait to begin roleplaying here.
  2. Hallo Sinopa! Welcome to the site! :owl:
  3. Thank you XD
  4. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  5. Thank you XD *Curtseys* =3
  6. You're welcome :3
  7. Heya! Welcome to Iwaku. I'm Overcast! The roleplaying here is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I hope you have a great time here
  8. Hii Overcast. Thank you =3
  9. Hiya there Sinopa!
    I think I'll go with

    ANYWHO, welcome! I'm Jelly.

    It's nice to meet another new person!
  10. Hiii Jelly! Please to meet you too, and thank you =3
  11. No Problem! :3
    This may be the wrong place to state this, but feel free to bother me with a roleplay idea if you have any. I need roleplay partners and such. :bsmile:
  12. Hmm, I don't really have any ideas yet but if you want we can start a conversation and brain storm =3 although just a warning I don't do mature content mainly because I suck at it XD I'm asexual (Little to no sexual desire) lol :blush:
  13. Welcome to Iwaku Sin ^.^
    I feel the need to name you as one of the actual seven deadly sins, which do you prefer XD
    Hoep you'll enjoy roelplaying with the lot of us
  14. lol thanks. =3
    Umm well one of the names I go by is Avarice. I also love Envy from Fullmetal alchemist XD
  15. Envy it is :3
    Oh, and I love Full Metal Alchemist! My friend is going as Elric to a con soon, I still have yet to choose what I want to be.
  16. I have 3 teddy bears name Alphonse, Edward, and Winry lol.XD
    Lucky I want to go to a con soon, I live near Orlando so getting to a con is no problem, but I don't know what I'd cosplay as, my sister say i's be a good Mey Rin from black butler lol.
  17. :O You made my day by saying your teddy bears names. Thats amazing ^.^
    As for the cons, they're soooo much fun. Now if you could pull off Mey Rin from black butler, I'd say why not. Might as well go for it, you never know what could happen. I might be going as Gray from Fairy tail or ulquiorra from bleach
  18. Lol I have a collection of small teddy bears XD I have Alphonse, Kaida, Suzuki, Edward, Winry, Mori, Rokuro, Yuki and Yuri =3 plus I have a few older one which are Mr. bear, Mrs. Bear, and Bear, and 2 big ones named Tomatsu and Mamoru. I can't sleep without Mamoru XD (And I'm 18 years old lol)
    Grey is my second favorite character from fairy tail next to Erza XD, though I have only seen the first season, can't find the download for the other seasons lol.
  19. That's quite a few bears you have there, whats so special about mamoru??
    (Don't worry I sleep with this old worn out Teddy Bear named Grey, its also a hand Puppet XD)
    I know Natsu is the main character, but he's still my favorite. Then there was mystogun, but he went back to the alternate world to rule his people. Oh, and read the manga its easier to find and also is father ahead of the anime itself.
  20. Mamoru gives better hugs XD. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sleeps with a teddy bear lol
    thanks for the heads up I'll see if I can find it =3
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