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  1. I noticed the resume in the noobies section but I feel as if I know what to say. You can call me Solo. It is nice to meet you. I prefer massive storyline roleplays. Lots of people with an interesting complex plot. I GREATLY dislike drama and came to this site for the purpose of ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO RP WITHOUT "Difficulty".I also like fighting within the storyline. I am hoping this site is what I am looking for.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Solo!
  3. Well, I can't promise dramafree, because there's no place on earth that happens, but if you're looking for a massive roleplay world, we currently have the Ilium roleplay up and running! >:3 that's about as massive as it gets around here and the story has just started.

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Greetings Solo-one. While it is impossible to have a completely drama free place on the intertoobs, we're a pretty relaxed lot here. Enjoy your time here and here's to hoping you make new friends. Also don't feed Diana.
  5. I can happily deal with a little so long as the site isn't swallowed. I noticed quite a few rules to.....eradicate my previous issue. I look forward to becoming a regular, thanks for having me
  6. Hey Solo,thanks a ton for telling me about this site.I hope it's what I'm looking for too. :)
  7. Welcome to the site solo.
    Good luck for the Role-playing without "difficulty".
  8. Welcome Solo, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Relax and enjoy yourself, Happy to have you. I have an insatiable urge to call you Han :|
  9. Thank you all so much. I also meant difficulty as in "drama (forgive my french) whores" and fun killers. Could someone by any chance explain Ilium? like backstory, rules etc
  10. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
  11. Hello solo. Thank you for the invite. I foresee this being quite an enjoyable experience. I hope that we can continue to roleplay as we have been. I am still figuring this site out but I hope that I can participate in the main story line. Feel free to contact me and give me any advice that will be of help. n.n
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.