...hello ;)

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Original poster

I have no idea what to say~
Someone give me a good chara and start a good plot and I'll follow you into the darkness!~


Dedication and determination! I like that.

Welcome to Iwaku! If you need help with anything, just ask.
*Wiggles fingers!* Then follow meeeee in to the Signups fooorruuum and jooooin some roleplays. >:D
Sure thing! :) I'll get right on that.. Honestly I haven't even ventured that far yet:P
I'm a tad slow haha but thanks again!

Take your time! >:D If you'd like to meet some other members, you can also drop in the cbox!
Welcome to Iwaku!
I'm glad to see that Diana has directed you to the proper place (she's a lovely admin, after all).
I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you.
Since I wanted more players for my game anyway, I'll hope to see you in a roleplay with me soon, huh? ;]
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
The darness is inside out own heart and minds. DO not follow others into theirs, yet rather explore your own.

Need questions answered, I'm here.
Hello Val, a pleasure. I'm the Butterfly, if you haven't guessed. If you're strong I'll attach myself to you, if you're weak I'll do the same but only so I can use you as fodder.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Well hello butterfly..
You're like a moth to a flame, Butterfly. :) You'll certainly attach yourself to me whenever you so choose, but be weary ..the flames' tongue sears quite the impression on such a small one as you.

I'm glad to be here.