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Hi there. It's interesting to see how much things can change in a relatively short span of time. I won't bother with any sort of laundry list of various hobbies or interests of mine, though if someone felt inclined to ask, I would probably be inclined to answer.
I do believe I have heard of you... if you are THE homac.
Are you the real homac, or are you Asmo playing a joke on us again? XD

Welcome back all the same. >:D See what chaos you have sparked to grow up in to madness...!
Yo. I remember you kinda sorta...I was still pretty new when Gabe faded out and so we never really got to talk all that much...but we have all these weird god mythos character antagonists off of you in some rps somewhere.

How goes? How has life been?
Wow. Are you the Homac? o__o If so, it's good to see you again.

Either way, do enjoy your stay back at Iwaku! <3
Hope to see you post around in our threads of awesome.
The last time I was in a thread with homac was..WHEN THE ENTIRE STAFF FLIPPED HIM OFF.

Good times.

Oh and welcome, old crazy admin; meet our NEW crazy admin!

*pushes Jackieboy down the stairs*

i-it's just not the same..
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if, name's Shadow Ike leader of the Wolves of Iwaku. If you've got any questions at all I'd be happy to answer any you have
Ike, this is our old admin.... I'm pretty sure he won't need help...

Hey Homac. How's life?
Yes, I am in fact the Homac. Not sure if I could prove that, though I don't know that anyone would want to pretend to be me.

Life is okay. Got divorced, met a new girl, have a child now. Did a Google search on Iwaku to see if anyone was still active, then made an account here.
o_o Homac? O_o
Never thought I'd meet you, or anything besides what I've heard. ._.'
It' a pleasure to meet you. =o
My name's Miru. =x
And, um....Here to talk, and such. =x ^^;
Welcome back. =o
So this is a Homac. And here I thought it was like god where he would never show you any physical presence we just assume that he's the creator of the Iwaku. (Just Kiddin')

I remember you from the old Iwaku, only I never really got around to talking to ya. I seemed to talk with Gabe and Rory more often. I'm reminded of all my old gaming buddies who got offline because they started having a life. Good to see you though and happy you dropped in to say hi.
Of course, always happy to stop by. If you were around late Iwaku 2.0, I would've hardly been posting at all by that point.
*hides the Mythos*

*hides his MSN windows*

*hides the archives*

*hides the Cbox logs*

*hides Diana*

Hey hey, Homac. Interesting to see you again.
Yes indeed, it's good to see everyone in high spirits.