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  1. i'm new here and slightly nervous so i thought i'd go ahead and introduce myself. c:
  2. You are... the ghost of a TV? O__O That is almost frightening.

    Welcome to the site, teevee!
  3. yup! but no worries, i'm a friendly ghost. the worst i might do to you is change the channel. uwu
    thank you very much!!!
  4. OMG a tv ghost!! Iv always wanted one!! ^3^
    Jk xD
  5. well, you've got one now! i'll stick around as long as we're watching cartoons or bad 80's movies. c:
    (nice to meet you, by the way!)
  6. Yay! Ill grab some popcorn!
    *runs out of the room and comes back a couple minutes later with a GIANT bowl of popcorn* ^w^ nomnomnom
    ((Nice meeting u too :) ))