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  1. Hello all...or nobody. Either way is great. I don't care. But anyways...

    I have a friend who has recently gotten me hooked on roleplaying, so I wanted to expand my experience and try out a website. However, I am still a newbie.

    There's not much to tell really. I'm extremely shy and quiet around new people, but later on I become quite insane. My favorite color is blue, I love red velvet cupcakes, and I am a pegasister/brony (whichever tickles your peach). I absolutely love writing, but only fiction. I also am involved in other artistic activities, such as acting, singing, and drawing, even if I suck sometimes. But I guess that's it and I guess no one cares.

    Peace out.
  2. I care. That you're here, and that means I get to say hello and point out: you are an RPer, thus you matter....To us. Because this is a place for roleplayers of all levels. From what I know.

    Anyway...Uhm...I'm glad you came, and that you said hi. What kind of things do you like to sing? I dabble in it as well- I prefer world music, personally. I used to be part of a world harmony chorus as a kid, and I still sing a bit on my own (not professionally obviously, just for fun).

    Red velvet cupcakes are tasty. I just love sweets though. But that's another thing we at least sorta have in common :D

    Let's get along well thanks to having nifty stuff in common~ And since you seem nifty.
  3. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku. I'm still fairly new myself, and I understand the whole shy thing. As one of my favorite quotes says... "People who don't know me, think I'm quiet. People who know me, wish I was!"

    You sing? I'm in chorus at school, have been for the past two years. What sort of music?

    I like drawing... I'm terrible at it as well too though... xD
  4. /brohooves

    <_<...RAINBOWDASHISSOAWESOME /end fangurling

    Welcome to Iwaku, :).