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  1. Well I just joined so I figured I'd introduce myself and meet some of the members on here. I'm currently bored with my other Role-play site and very unhappy with the poor management. I hope that this site is different and proves to be far more friendly then the last. So hello, pleaser to meet you. =^-^=
  2. Psh! Iwaku is the absolute best. We will suck out your soul and keep you trapped here... trapped by love! :D
    Yeah, that was kinda lame sounding. Anywho... welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hiya! If Celes didn't already scare you away I would like to say 'Welcome to Iwaku!' xD
  4. I'm not easy to scare so the hello's are welcomed! Thank you, I look forward to meeting more members on here. If I like everything here I will move most of my rps to this site. :loved:
  5. YAY The outlaw ish here! Miss me? :P (psst its ali) lol XD
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, dear. :)

    Your name is awesome.