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  1. I guess I would like to be called Elle, here.

    I have some sporadic experience with roleplaying, but I still consider myself new to it.
    My actual expertise is in art, but I would like to become more familiar with writing... which is why I'm here?
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Elle. You should check out our art and writing forum : )
  3. Hi there Elle. You'll find many different types and style of writing here. You should share some of your art too!
  4. Hello Elle! Welcome to Iwaku.

    We're always happy to meet new folks whether they're new to writing or not so don't feel shy about posting around here! You should take a pick in our Creative Challenges forum! It's here that people are able to practice for fun and expression. Stories can be built through these little tests as well, you never know and since you're an artist why not take a pick at this month's Art challenge!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here and if you have any questions, never be afraid to ask. :)