Hello! (:

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  1. Hey all you people! (:
    I'm Cascade, I'm new to this site. There are other sites I have role-played on, though I'm not all too sure of how everything here runs. Since school started I have taken a leave from role-playing and now I'm back, ready to jump in anywhere! (: Feel free to contact me about any role-plays you think I might enjoy/like, and possibly give me some tips on how to navigate around this site? Everything's different on each site.. xD
  2. hello there nice to meet you you may call me Zorilla, or Zori whichever suits your fancy. Welcome ot iwaku! If you need any assistance PM me or a staff member (me because I'd be happy to and allx D)

    Feel free to drop on by the chat bo too we'll be happy to see ya.
  3. Hallo Cascade! 8D All you have to do is check out the "Roleplay 101" guide (The big Roleplay 101 link up there!) and it'll tell you everything you need to know about Roleplaying on Iwaku!

    Welcome to the community! >:3
  4. Welcome! You'll find that RP is best here at Iwaku, I know cause I've been to those 'other sites'...jk/jk, seriously though, It's awesome here.