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  1. Hello everyone! My name is KanaeOono and it's nice to meet you all.
    I am new to this site and I am an average writer looking to get better so I can, one day create an interesting story.
    I am always up for learning new things about writing, constructive criticism and learning about my partner.

    Sorry for my terrible introduction.
  2. Hi, Kanae! Nice to meet you. I'm Moody! Welcome to Iwaku. =D Are you finding everything alright?

    And don't worry, your intro is fine. <3
  3. It is nice to meet you too. So far everything is fine, thank you for asking.

  4. Welcome to Iwaku , Kanae!

    It's awesome that you want to become a better writer. I'm sure that you've got lots of interesting stories rattling around in your head ! Hopefully Iwaku will give you the chance to write some. :) If you like, maybe you should check out our Refining Writing section of the site -- the other content devs and I are always adding new guides to writing, genres, and characters. Could be useful for you to check out !

    If you ever need help with anything on the site , feel free to shoot me a message or check out the handy guide HERE.
  5. It's nice to meet you.
    Thank you for informing me about the Refining Writing section, I will check it out.
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  6. Glad to hear it. =D Just ask if you need anything!
  7. Welcome to the sight Kanae coming in with that mindset is awesome, nothing like getting better with time.

    It's pretty nice here so I'm sure you'll have a good time.
  8. It's nice to meet you and I will try my hardest to get better at writing.
  9. I wish you the best in it Kanae have some fun too, there's plenty of interesting stuff that helps with writing here as Sir Basil said.
  10. Hey Kanae! Welcome to Iwaku! ♥♥
  11. Hi there Kanae! ^o^ welcome to the siiiite!
  12. Welcome, Kanae! I came on down here over a year ago for the same reason; the betterment of my writing, and I'd like to say that this awesome community has really helped me towards that goal! Hope it does the same for you!
  13. Hello! It's nice to meet you.
  14. Hello to you too
  15. I hope this site will help me as well.
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