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  1. -pending speech-
    -cough- -cough-
    I am a 20 old free and no worries student
    I like to ride the bike while is on fire
    -double liar-
    I thought that is that time of the year, where people like me stay at home, in the blanket with a cup of coffe reading a book or just ... writting stuffs on the internet
    -cough- -cough-
    Since summer is over so no more .... stuffs to stare at, I decided that, as a free and no worries students, to join Iwaku. I will have to say sorry x100 times, since my english skills are a little rusty. So, the all mighty and powerful community of Iwaku please -puppy eyes- take care of me :)
    So... hello again... uh ...
    -Cough- -cough-
    So ..yea, let's have fun -sweating-​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.