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I'm just lurking around... don't mind me~

Fox of Spades

all gummed up inside
Roleplay Invitations
Not Taking RP Invites at this Time
Posting Speed
A Few Posts a Week
Writing Levels
Adept, Advanced
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
Both. It should be a give and take sort of thing.

I tend to be more aggressive if I'm GMing or if it's a 1x1.
Favorite Genres
Give me fantasy. Modern, medieval, urban, whimsical, dark, anything goes! If magic and strange wonderland-esque adventures are involved, I'll most likely hop on that train! I'm also a huge sucker for adventuring and questing. Steampunk and post-apocalyptic RPs are cool too, and slice of life (if executed well enough) is also something I enjoy.

I try to be open to different genres but those are pretty much my favorites.
Genre You DON'T Like
Romance-centric stories, it's okay as a side dish but it can't be the main course.
Welcome to Iwaku, Zombie :D! I hope you enjoy your stay~
Not open for further replies.