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  1. My Name is vivian and I am 19 years old and live in Germany.
    My hobbies are rpging going to the city hanging out with friends
    I am friendly and I love meeting to new people
  2. Ahoy, Vivian!
    Welcome to Iwaku!

    There be plenty o' hearties to meet on Iwaku!

    If ye be needin' anything..Don't hesitate to ask! All of us here will be glad to help!
    And something fer ye sweet tooth..

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    Enjoy yer time here!
  3. HEY! I went to Germany ^.^
    I stayed in Wilhelmshaven. Super exciting.
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. AAh wilhelmshafen never heard of it XD I live near frankfurt
  5. Hallo Vivian! Welcome to the Community!
    I'm Doxa, pleasure to meet you :3
    If you need any help please let us know.
  6. Hey guys! I'm new to this site, just made an account, and wanted to get friendly and talk to people! How are you guys? Hopefully good. When it said you have to post 6 things before you can create a thread, does that mean I have to comment on 6 of these?
  7. *looks at Juku's above deleted messages and twitches*

    ...what did he say...is forever a mystery...

    Oh. Why am I here again? Oh yeah. Welcome to Iwaku, Meko. *giggles* Meko...
  8. Hi there,

    Welcome and I hope you are already having a good tme ;) !! I am quite new to this site as well, still trying to learn, make new friends and such..don't worry, everthing will come in due time, ;) In the meantime, hope you enjoy your time on here if you need anything, drop me a line ;)
    Hear from you around,
  9. Guten Tag, Imekochanvivian! I <3 Germany so much. I'm gonna live there someday! For longer than a few months. *nods* Welcome to Iwaku and have fun roleplaying!