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  1. Name's Anrothan.
    I am 20 years old and I spend most of my time either reading or sleeping. In general, I would say I'm easy to get along with, once I have gotten used to people. I am pretty much straight to the point and I hate beating around the bush: If you have anything to say, then say it. Fair warning though: I can be irritatingly awkward at times, especially when I don't know what to say. If it happens, you will probably know.

    I have been roleplaying for about 9 years, which does not show well most of the time - I am a lazy son of a bitch and I do not proofread. English is my fourth language(cheating a bit - the first 3 are very similar), so do expect a bit of wonky grammar once in a while. Let me know if it bothers you and I will keep doing it around you work on correcting it.
    In terms of roleplays, I admit that I enjoy group roleplays the most. It is rare for me to seek a single partner, but it has happened once in a while.
    I am the kind of roleplayer to grind out replies whenever I have the opportunity to do so and I will usually write as much as my time, ability and energy permits me. I suppose I am also a bit of an impatient player, so if you suddenly stop responding for a few days, I will worry. I understand life sometimes gets in our way, and that writer's block does happen, but I also expect to be given just a tiny warning. Not knowing stinks.

    I suppose this is it.
    So.. Hi.. There? Thanks for having me?

    Shit, I don't know how to round up introductions. Was this even a proper introduction.
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  2. Hey there, Anro! Izu here. ;) You know what to do.
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  3. 'ey Izu.

    Aye! I'll get it set up right away.
  4. Fine, I admit! I think your avatar is cool! Sue me! D:

    But welcome to the site! Your introduction was fine, to me at least. It looks like you'll fit in well from what you've written.
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  5. Hahaha, thank you. I can't remember how long ago I drew it, but I still regard it as my favourite drawing.

    And thank you, yet again. I'm glad it was okay, since I'm terrible at these kinds of things. And I hoped I would - so far, people have been pretty nice. It's very refreshing.
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  6. You drew that? Well you're pretty good. How about visiting the museum of creative arts sometime? That section could use a bit of love, and I'd be interested in seeing more of your work if there is more to be shown.

    It's no problem at all, I'm glad you're finding it refreshing. Iwaku has a rainbow rating after all. People can't be too mean with those around.
  7. Thank you. I will consider it - I have been eyeing it since I made an account, actually - but it will have to wait until my finals are done.

    Hehe, that is true. My personal favourite is the "you're drunk, go home" rating, though. It got me giggling for a while.
  8. Oh, finals. Such tedious things ;p

    That's my personal favorite as well. Sad that it isn't what I'm mostly rated :(
  9. Welcome to the family! I'm actually really interested in knowing what other languages you speak. I've always wanted to broaden my horizons and learn, but never do. :(
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