Hello. Yes, yet another vampire

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  1. Hello guys, I would like to introduce myself, Azure, another one of those vampire types that are getting more and more and more popular. HOWEVER, i do not glow, sparkle, explode or fizzle away in sunlight, because, well, thats stupid. Theres no scientific reason why an immortal blood sucker, born on earth, should be allergic or somewhat "different" in sunlight. So, thanks to my good friend (and incredibly sexy furry) 382AD848-B5B2-4F68-9FC4-0824F4B29C4F.jpg Shaki, Im here. Any questions?
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  2. Welcome! hehehe
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. New here myself; I know an Azure only on FAF. Not sure if you could be the same one but meh who gives a damn. Anyways, welcome and happy to have you. Glad I'm not the only furry here as you mentioned a friend on here.
  4. No, actually, im from moco, where i met my aforementioned friend n.n pleased to meet you. And, right there, is the lovely lady herself :)
  5. Well still happy to see both of you.
  6. Welcome! Chuu! >o<
  7. thank you!!!! n.n
  8. Im new here my self but welcome
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  9. Welcome Azure, to Iwaku! I hope you have a lot of funny snatching up plot bunnies while your here! There's definitely a variety of roleplays around here so really you can head anywhere! You can go peek at the Cbox if you like your RPs fast and chatbased or even the genre based forums! A good idea on starting up on the forums is to join in on some jump ins, you just make a character in your mind bam put yourself in that story~ If you have any questions at all don't be afraid to ask, a lot of people here would be cool with lending you a hand. Just make sure to read some of our community rules and you'll be totes fine. :3

    Happy plotting, friend!