HELLO Y'ALL, we come in peace

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  1. Hey there. Me and my friends come from the humble Minecraft Forums, where we ran an RP for two years called
    Half Moon Academy.

    It was great, until the forum turned to hell.

    So, yeah, theres about ten of us, and we've come here. A dedicated roleplaying community that seems friendly enough. We've come to sample your pastries and maybe cook our own.

    We hope this is a good place for us to stay, but we'll take it easy and see how things go, eh?

    An adventure in itself.

    Hopefully we'll see some of you around the place.

    (My friends who MAY be joining me are:
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  2. It's not the first time Iwaku has taken in refugees after another site has gone to hell. ....Even -I- was a refugee from another site before I came to Iwaku! O__O

    Welcome to our community! <3
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  3. Tasty
  4. Welcome, we are happy to have you :)
  5. So far so good! Glad to be here!
  6. MafiaDog reporting in as Watch Dog. I'm still searching for a good avatar to use.

    Hello people of Iwaku, and thanks for welcoming us! It is indeed a great pleasure to see that we are accepted into a community, dedicated to a cause we love so much. Since we are not a small group we decided to make a group welcoming thread instead of spamming your first page with separate one.
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  7. Welcome welcome; I came to this site after some forum- hopping, so I know them feels!

    Also, Minecraft FTW! We have a whole interest group for mine crafters in the Groups tab up top!

    Also loving the dr who av! What'd you think of the Xmas special?
  8. My god the Christmas special... They just love yanking on those feels
  9. I had to miss the christmas special for a christmas party with my grandmother. It was fun, and. I got candy.

    But our recording space was full :(

    However, i got the fifth series and the anniversary special (in 3D!) for christs mas.

    So that kinda sorta doesn't really make up for it.
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  10. Well, welcome to the site, guys. My greeting came late, but I look forward to seeing you around; maybe playing with you some time.
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  11. Hopefully, yes.
  12. It's funny how only half of the people we are expecting to join have hopped in yet. Perhaps we are going to need some more time in order to complete the 'migration procedures' and get some more of us here.
  13. Welcome to Iwaku people of Minecraft Forums! Hope you enjoy it here and have loads of fun and get your Muse gooooooing!
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  14. There's an entire section for advertisements krazazzle.
  15. Zeke reporting in. At least, you know, temporarily.