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Kanashimi Raven

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Hello and welcome to my introduction?

I'm a newbie when it comes to writing, roleplaying and using this webbsite. Though I have written stories before this place seems way out of my league, though I still decided to give it a try. I'm not really certain what to write here, if I'm honest. Should I do a full on introduction or just mention shallowly who I am? Either way, I go by the penname Raven and I'm interested in doing Naruto-related roleplays. Preferably One on One before I acquire the hang of things around here.

I'm a girl as suggested by my name and my age doesn't really matter if I'm honest. I prefer the cool weather, the shade and most certainly snow. I hate the beach and anything related to swimming, at least outside of roleplay.

I have a lot of artists that I like and a wide range of music which I listen to however the song currently stuck in my head is " In pieces" preformed by Red.

Not sure what else to add, so I guess I'll leave it at this.

~ Kanashimi Raven


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welcome to Iwaku Raven! hope you enjoy your stay here~!
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