Hello to you all! 8D

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  1. Hello, all! Imagine finding you, here! 8D

    I'm drifting wreckers, but you can call me Kyra or some form derived from it! My username comes from the fact that I do love~ drifing (the motorsport, silly!) and the song The Wreckers from RUSH's new album Clockwork Angels! I'm a biology major in my third year of university in the US of A and I'm also a bit of a musician and have a few other hobbies~ I also love rallycross and several other four-wheeled motorsports!

    I've been writing since I was, oh...11? 12? Something like that. Which makes...
    eight or nine years? Something like that? I'm starting to feel old. ;A; ANYWHO! I like all sorts of original plots and fanfiction! Including anime and video games! I hope to get started writing here pretty soon to get back into the ol' writing habit! :D

  2. Hello Kyra! Welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here!
  3. Welcome aboard, Kyra. I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. Welcome Drifting! Must I say, Anime + Video Games + Fan Fiction = most creative mind ever :D