Hello there!

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  1. Hello there! Introduction post. Need I say more?
    Came here looking for some good rp, looks like I'll find some. :D Can't wait to get started!

    Hmm. Not sure what else to say, I filled out the RPers resume thing in case anyone is interested in reading it, or reading it and inviting me to something, not right away of course. Unless you want to! Heh, anyhoo glad to be a part of the website.
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  2. Hello Claudia and welcome to the community! 8D
  3. Hello Claudia! I am fairly certain many people use the roleplayer's resume, so it's a good thing you're filling it out. You'll get kidnapped soon enough I'm sure! Welcome!
  4. Welcome aboard, mein Freund.
  5. Welcome! ^.^
    I hope you like it here -nods-
  6. *Grins* I hope I do too. Thank you!
  7. Welcome! :3
    I know I've only been here a few days and already love the place.
    I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I've been enjoying mine. ^_^
  8. Thanks, I'm really enjoying the website so far :)
  9. Welcome Claudia, I'm October nice to meet you : )

    Glad you decided to join Iwaku. I have no doubt all your RP needs will be fulfilled here.
  10. It's nice to meet you as well ^_^ And I'm sure they will be :)
  11. Your picture, avie, thing reminded me of Silent Hill.
    have this Silent Hill themed cake.
  12. Oh my goodness I had only seen the bottom part of the picture at first and it scared the heck out of me LOL. Thanks for the welcome ;) And I got the avie online, it's supposed to be Pandora or something of the sort.
  13. -waves- Hello there! I am Lady Raimy or Rina. Welcome to this wonderful place.
  14. I greatly appreciate the welcome :) Thank you.
  15. The roleplay resume is a great thing!
    I'm a bit late in dropping by and it seems like you've met a lot of our vibrant, lovely members already~
    I'm Kitti and it's very nice to meet you.
    You seem like you're finding your way around and everything all right, but if you need help, please do ask!