hello there.

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  1. hi there! i'm pizza queen, but feel free to call me c. i'm new to this site, but not to roleplay. if there is anyone who would like to roleplay with me, or have any tips related to this sight, please let me know. ♥ thank you.

    also, the way i'm typing right now will not reflect or inhibit my writing or roleplaying ability. it's just that this the way i usually type when OOC.
  2. Mmmm...Pizza... *Nibble*

    *Ahem* Welcome to Iwaku, oh Queen of all Pizzas! Please accept this welcome balloon and our warmest welcomes! *Balloon*
  3. Welcome to Iwaku~ :)
  4. thank you both. ♥
  5. Hey hey! Queezza! Welcome to Iwaku, enjoy playing roles and have fun making characters!
  6. Hi there Pizza Lady! welcome to the siiiite! :D