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  1. Hey Everybody! I'm new on here and I just wanted to pop in and say G'day.

    As you can probably tell from that slang, I am Australian. I used to be on a forum site ages and ages ago that didn't do very serious RPing, so I wanted to give it a bigger go and really get into it so I'm pleased to find this site!

    What else to say? Love Batman, am loving the new Gotham show, going to university and living my life to the best of my ability.

    Hopefully i'll be roleplaying with you guys soon! See you later.
  2. *comes out of shadows* Greetings Stranger or now new friend, I am HollowEastword. I don't bite (too hard) so don't be afraid to seek me out for an RP...enjoy *walks back into shadows*
  3. Meerrrrp I'm new to :P
  4. Hihi~
    So...you say you like Batman? Anything else you like?
    More importantly, do you like tabletop RPGs? Specifically, do you like Houses of the Blooded, Numenera, or Shadowrun (4e; I'm not well versed in 5e yet)? Or would you be interested in trying it out? I went to school to be a teacher so I should be able to help you learn them~

    Note: I didn't FINISH going to school for that. Think what you will about that. Get to be friends, you'll find out why. But let's not dwell on that, k~ Let's just be friends!
  5. Hihi there Slinkie, welcome to the siiiite!
  6. [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]*Kicks down door and runs in* Hey there! I am Hiroki Shoma. *bows politely* Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful place. *pulls out a golden card with my name and information writen on it* If you want to Roleplay or just simply be friends, let me know. *Jumps out of window*[/BCOLOR]
  7. Cheers for the welcome committee. Appreciate it. Always a fan of a friendly place.

    I love acting. Currently at university for it and am loving every second of it. I also like cows, I think that they are miraculous things, good ol' bovines.

    As for roleplaying, I have dabbled in DnD on the table with a few mates but I haven't done that for a while. I enjoy writing in my spare time so hopefully I'll be able to A) pick up some new skills and B)Feedback! That age old thing.

    In all honesty, my main RP things i'm aiming towards is Fantasy and Sci-fi. Mind you, I would't mind just cruising around and having a dabble in a few things I normally wouldn't try. :D I'll get into a thread in the near future. Almost finished for the year so I'll be able to commit to a ongoing thing.
  8. Just to say I love acting too and I'm curently in an art school and its one of my fave things!
  9. I like you. You will understand me.