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  1. Hi there community,

    You can call me Piney if you like. My brother told me about this site and after a bit of browsing I've decided to join as well. I know some people in real life here apparently.

    I've roleplayed for a very long time (10+ years) and usually dwells in the Fantasy and Science-Fiction side of the RP world. I've also roleplayed in games based on established worlds such as Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and Anime. DMing experience wise, I've DMed DnD and Pathfinder games and recently I have started reading from books from the New World of Darkness series (my favourite being Mage and Geist). As such, I am accustomed to both groups and RPing with a single partner, though I prefer to keep the group from growing to big (3~5 players excluding the DM if the game requires one.)

    However, I have to admit that my roleplaying skills need some brushing up since I haven't been writing or DMing anything for quite some time now due to real life circumstances (it all started with my laptop being dead and I lost all my bookmarks). I hope this will be a good chance for me to return to the writing scene.

    And as usual, the obligatory smilie - :)
  2. Hiiiiii Piney :D Welcome to the siiiiite!
  3. One hyper-active owl has been discovered!

    Thanks for the welcome!