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  1. Name's Rin or Rinny. A 20 year old waitress who really misses RP'ing!
    I'm new to this site and am gonna need some guiding! I'm not new to roleplaying, though. Been RPing since I was 12 years old(mobamingle ad on myspace ehehe) and I stopped around 6-8 months ago due to inactivity in the sites I was on. Hopefully it'll be different here!
    I hope to find cool people to RP with, and maybe get like.. An RP squad again I work so, I'll be most active on my days off which are from Tuesday-Thursdays and sometimes Mondays! but I will reply during other days of the week, as well.
    I'm a sucker for Fantasy RPs with lots of action, and I adore playing the "villian." So if you know of any hit me up!
    Anyways.. I hope this wasnt too long and I dont know if any one is still reading but..
  2. Hey RinRin, welcome to Iwaku. You don't have to worry about this site not being active, there are plenty of people here of which I know you will find a roleplay partner. On your profile page is a roleplay resume. Filling that out helps you know what you like to do in threads as well as anyone else browsing your page.

    I like fantasy and action too. If you have any questions let us know.
  3. Will do! Thank you!
  4. Hello there, Rin!
    I'm sure you'll love your stay here on this sight, I joined just one month ago and so far I have found the members very nice and active!
    As for fantasy role plays, I have just joined one that is in the process of starting, but coincidentally needs a villain. ;)
    If you're interested in joining yourself, I'll post the link below (hopefully).
    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Elemental Shards (OOC/Signup) - Villains Needed | IwakuRoleplay.com

    I hope you enjoy your time here at Iwaku!
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  5. Thank you! And the group looks very interesting! But, do you know if they'll accept 2 villains? My friend might be interested in joining as well. Also, do you know if the villains will need a specific role or if they just need an antagonist? This is only if you have this info, if not, i'll go ahead and ask the creator directly?
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  6. I think they are looking for two villains. One guy may have been interested, but I'm not sure he's followed through with that.
    As for the other questions, it would be better if you asked the creator directly, as I do not with to give false information.
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  7. Thank you very much! I see the owner is online! I'll go ahead and ask! Thank you again!
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  8. No problem, I hope to see you in the roleplay! ^^
  9. Currently waiting on the details from the owner! If you know of any other fantasy RP please hit me up! ^^
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  10. I will make sure to do so!
    Although I doubt I can find another as coincidental as that. ;)
    I'll pm you if I find any more, and you can of course check out the fantasy role play forum to see what's new! :)
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