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  1. TatoPuffs here. I prefer to remain gender neutral when out of character, so them/they is cool. I am 27 years old, which feels ancient for some reason. I am new to this site, but not to roleplaying. I've been doing it for about...9 or 10 years now, I suppose, although off and on, so I may be a bit rusty at first as I get back into the swing of things.

    I prefer one on one RP. I always feel like I get lost in group text RP, and also find it much easier to rely on one person than many for the continuity of a story to last. Maybe I'll try a group RP some day... >.>

    My favorite genre is horror(though I like other stuff too). Doesn't have to be hack-and-slash blood-fest horror(although it could be), I am just as happy with elements of horror being part of a bigger picture, so to speak. Eh...I feel like I am rambling. I wrote some stuff in my Roleplay Resume, so feel free to check it out and whatnot.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, TatoPuffs. Have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
  3. Mmm...cookie. Thank you much!
  4. Im down for psychological horror
  5. Tried to Inbox you, but it said your Inbox was full. Did you have any particular plot ideas in mind? Psychological horror sounds interesting :)
  6. Heya! Welcome!

    I've never been able to have a horror genre roleplay before, but I've always wanted to! ; n ; I don't know if I'd be any good, but I'd really like to try someday.

    Anyway, I hope you like your time here! ^^
  7. Hello Pomoko, and thank you for the welcome! I'm pretty easy going, so if you ever wanted to try a horror RP (or other things, check out my RP Resume :D ), I'd be happy to give it a go. The worse thing that could happen is you decide you don't like it, in which case you just tell me so and we move along.

    I'm looking forward to meeting fun people and getting into some RP :)
  8. Hello, Tato!

    27 is ancient. I don't really have room to talk since I'll be 26 in two weeks, but still. Welcome to the old people club. There are a bunch of members on here older than we are, so I wouldn't fret about it too much :P It's the internet, nobody cares! Woo!

    I've never done a Horror Roleplay but it does sound as though it'd be interesting. I see you already have some interest which is awesome! If you have a specific plot in mind, make sure you post a request/sign-up thread in either the Group Roleplays or 1x1s since you prefer those. There are a ton of people on the site and many don't pop in this section, so posting a real request thread will ensure that more people see what you're looking for and you can get some fantastic roleplays going :D

    Don't hesitate to ask questions!

  9. Thank you Everly! I actually did post a request in the 1x1 thread already :D

    I have a little word file I keep with RP ideas, and I dug that out and posted some of them in the request thread. I'm looking forward to a good time here in Iwaku!
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