Hello there Everyone!

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  1. Hello there everyone! Cpkeyes here! Please call me Captain Keyes, I'm probably the newest member on this Site. I love roleplaying, have been since 2012 on NS (Nation states). But I'm not that good, and I'm a sucky writer. I heard of this site while looking at the region message board, and seeing roleplay, I went. Yes! In fact I already have a RP idea, from Nation states, a Create your own superhero/Villain RP. Besides that, hello there everyone! Nice to meet you.
  2. Welcome, Captain Keyes! Glad to see you found your way here from Nationstates.. I am the reverse, I came to Iwaku, then ended up joining Nationstates! Haha.

    As for your RP idea, you can probably get it going with a post in the Global Signups and Plot List, or look for one that is similar. Best of luck!

    Hope you enjoy your time here - feel free to take a look around, and don't hesitate to let me or anyone else know if you need help with anything!
  3. Hello, Captain!
    I've seen a few superhero rps around, if you want to take a look at those?
    Have fun!
  4. Hi!

    Don't worry, this site is dedicated to making sure people of all tastes and skill levels enjoy roleplaying! If you're interested in improving your english/writing skills, you should try checking out the Content forums!

    Try challenging yourself to complete one challenge every time or every other time you're on; you can learn a lot here, and that's from someone who came IN as a Creative Writing college student with four years of roleplaying experience; the learning process really never stops, and it's amazing to be part of.

    See you around!
  5. welcome to Iwaku as you can tell we're pretty friendly here and if you ever need any help there's usually someone around that can help you get settled in, if you have any questions just ask, we're here to help and make his a fun place. Don't worry about grammar I'm going in my second year of college and I still only have vague grasp of it XD, probably the only thing anyone would get upset with is if you did an IC post like you were texting on your phone.

    Still I found this place about a year ago on google after my last rp site died and its been great ever since, there are a few interactive projects on the site like the iwaku radio show and bar night. Every once in a while the staff will put on a chat rp to also help get people involved. Don't have to do them right away or at all if you don't want to just something we do for fun. But I've rambled long enough so again welcome and make yourself at home.