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  1. (Note that if I haven't figured out the BBCoding here so I can't make this post all spiffy n' shiz')

    Hi! I uhhh...I'm Pyosimros...

    I'm not exactly new to RPing or anything, I've been at it for...five years now (though to be honest I was absolute crap until six months prior) give or take.

    THAT BEING SAID!!! The main reason why I'm making this thread is to say hello, as I may make a full move here. Why I'm moving here is, well...because the old place I'm at attempts to over-innovate in all the unnecessary places and I feel as though I'm "out of place" with anyone I talk to over there (ideas often get ignored for no warranted reason, getting ignored in general, inferiority complex, etc, etc.)

    ASIDE FROM THE MOPEY STUFF!!! Hello! Nice to meet you all! ^^

    (By the way if you guys wanna shoot me some RPs that'll totally be cool. I write 3+ paragraphs per post and I post roughly 1-2 times a week. I prefer anime FCs and if I fit your criteria, sweet!)
  2. Helloooo new person! Welcome to the fray. :D
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku! c:
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  4. Hi, hello, greetings, and welcome! C:
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  5. Hello! ^^

    Nice meeting you all!
  6. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!
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  7. Woooo, more new people! Hello and welcome! I know how it is, movin' sites for various problems, so you're not alone there!
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  8. Welcome! If you have questions, don't be afraid to approach us and ask away. :)
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  9. Hey Pyosimros!
    Thanks for choosing our lovely site to call home ♥ It's fantastic to have you here!
    Anyways, seeing as you're new to Iwaku, check out the "Newbie Care Package" thread - you can get a bunch of free graphics and a guide around Iwaku :)

    Oh! And here are some helpful threads to get you started on Iwaku specifically! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    Help Desk - HELP DESK
    Interest Checking & Creation - INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION
    Seeking One on One Partners - SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS
    Terms & Rules - Terms of Service and Rules | IwakuRoleplay.com
    BB Codes - BB Codes | IwakuRoleplay.com

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  10. Welcome to Iwaku land of the insane totally normal people, if you wish to be a productive member of society please check out the Interest Check to find Roleplays or Roleplay Help & Discussion of you want to get or share RP advice.

    If you wish to join the ranks of the Glorious delinquent shit posters (like moi) please check out General Chatting to engage in Jolly Co-operation!
    Aw Damn... One letter off from Pyro.
    Now we can't make a giant bonfire. :(

    Well, we still could.
    You mean like a Toaster with a deep freeze setting? :P
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  11. BB Code is super fun, Ali linked a little guide that we have to it here that might help you out.
    There are a lot of shiny things baked into the rich text editor which is super for beginning use and for easy things (but when you start trying to do complex stuff, it sometimes has a little tantrum).

    I hope that you can find a niche for yourself here and settle in nicely. If you have some pesky problem, the help desk is a great place to go to try to get oriented. Happy site exploring!
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  12. ( For your BBCode needs, we actually do have a list of what's usable! Take a peep. =D )

    Welcome, Pyosimros. =D It's nice to have you here!

    Man, I know how that is, coming from a site that tries to innovate in weird places. I'm actually working on leaving one of those right now (probably not the same one as you, though). It can be overwhelming to keep up with too many big changes at once! Thankfully, Diana doesn't put us through stuff that's too horrific, just a few updates that she hopes we'll like at a time, and never anything that deletes our content without giving us a LOT of advanced warning to back our stuff up first.

    I'd be game for RPing with you, but I'm on a break from RP for a few days to a week until my meds stop messing with my ability to concentrate. I still have my link up in my sig for my RP search, if you wanna see if I meet your standards and shoot me a PM to chitterchatter until I'm ready for RP again.
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  13. Hello, Pyo. You don't mind me calling you Pyo instead?

    It's easier for me, hehe. Anyhow I am glad to have you onboard the Iwaku ship! Welcome!

    Besides, I am sure you'll have fun RPing here. Enjoy your stay.
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  14. Alright! Sounds good!

    I'll check 'em all out!
    Holy shit those exist!? o:

    Yeh, it's just a bunch of the codes have different names so I gotta re-memorize them all. >.>

    Thanks though!
    May be the same place, who knows!?

    But anyways, sweet! I'll check it out! ^^

    Yaaahhh everyone calls me that anyways. >.>

    I hope I do as well!
  15. Maybe. I'd rather not mention where I came from, cuz I don't want morbidly curious types to sear their eyes. lol

    Please go ahead! Have an awesome time!
  16. They could if you put your mind to it. :P
  17. Heya and welcome to Iwaku!
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