Hello People!

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  1. Helloo~! I'm a fellow roleplayer and I would love to roleplay with tons of you! I have one OC and I'll do my best to roleplay is an many roleplays as possible with that OC! Thanks! Hope you guys accept me here! ^_^
  2. Hey there. I'm new here, too! ^^
    Who is your OC?
  3. Her name is Asami Kobayashi. I don't know how to make her personality though... My friend says I can't make her happy and I'm currently confused on how to make her...
  4. Heya, Ahri! Welcome to Iwaku!
    We'll accept you! Just don't touch anything..There, there, or there! Those are ancient artifacts!

    But otherwise, we'll sure to see you RPing around!
    If you have questions, please ask away!
  5. Welcome! I think you should make your OC however you wish. That's sort of the point of having an OC. I have several myself. If you want any helpful hints just shoot me a message. Everyone is really friendly here and you'll fit in just fine. C:
  6. Welcome to the forums, Ahri!

    Role playing is super easy here! For example, you can easily jump in a role play
    right here! These don't even require any bios of any sort! You just fly into it and rp with everyone!

    If theres anything you need, tap one of us Staff Members! We'll be sure to help you out! Enjoy yourself!