Hello people of Iwaku!

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  1. Hello!~

    It's been a long time since I have been in some sort of roleplaying community. I am looking to make good friends/roleplaying buddies. However, I am a bit rusty at roleplaying :/

    I consider myself a very open and creative person! Many possibilities floating around this little brain~ I like to smile, be happy and have fun! Intensity is a plus! *thumbs up*

    I'm open to taking invites to group rps, one-on-ones, etc! Just give me a chance ;)

    Have fun everyone! *hugs all around*
  2. *sways my tail happily, as the bell jingles on my tail* Welcome to Iwaku!!! I'm Olivia, but you can call me Autume ^^. *gives you a lollipop* It's a pleasure to meet you.
  3. Hi there and welcome to Iwaku!
    I like your attitude, Raine. I think we shall get along nicely.
    I'm Kitti, by the way! It's nice to meet you.

    We'll toss you right back into roleplaying and scrub off that rust~
    I've got some helpful places for you to check out and get started, but feel free to look around all over too!

    This is where you can sign up for the roleplays found in Modern, Scifi, Fantasy, and sometimes Mature. Generally, they will have you post a character sheet in their thread, a new sheet for each roleplay! You can also start signups for a roleplay of your own here.

    This is where you can find jump in games, which typically have no sign up thread. You just start posting~

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
    Happy playing~
  4. Thanks! It's nice to meet you too. *smiles and takes the lollipop. holds other hand out to you, with a decorated cupcake on it* Trade then? *notices the bell on your tail* ooh lovely idea there :)
  5. Aww thanks! It's nice to meet you too kitti! It's really exciting to meet people and become part of a community :) I shall take a look at those links *_*
    Happy playing to you as well!!! *steals links and runs away*
  6. *My eyes get big and sparkly as we trade treats* You're welcome! Thank you!! *licks the frosting off the cupcake* Nya~ M-my bell on my tail? It was a gift from my brother. I have a new one, you can wear it on your wrist, if you want it. *smiles*
  7. *laughs* I'm not sure if a bell is the right thing for me, but it suits you! *munches on the lollipop thoughtfully*
  8. *noms on the cupcake* yummy yummy yummy!!! Awe okay, I'll keep the bell.
  9. You're in the right place, Raine! Lots of people here are very friendly and welcoming, I'm pretty amazed at them. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you have a grand time!
  10. <3 I'm sure I will. This place seems wonderful so far! Nice to meet you as well :)
  11. You name is quite fun to say out loud. XD

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  12. welcome to iwaku :D
    Hope you enjoy your stay here ^^
  13. Thank you!

    Your comment made me giggle! :3 It is pretty fun, eh?

    Like your siggy at the bottom :D ~
  14. Thank you for the welcome!(haha that sounds weird XD)

    Hope to see you around sometime! :)
  15. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Niomi the Neko Nyaa >^.^<
    If you ever need someone to roleplay with I'm always up for it x3
    And just to show off the new group that I'm trying to start you can click this http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=7616 to sign up and I'll see if you seem to qualify nyaa ^.~

    And if you're not interested in it you can just jump in to one of the great role plays that's already going on or make your one. Plus you can make a one [x] one roleplay here http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=61 which is one of my favorites.

    I hope you enjoy your stay nyaa :3
  16. Thanks Niomi! Nice to meet you! Thank you for the links too :)
  17. =D Hi, I'm OT, a fellow newcomer. It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Welcome to Iwaku! =D I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. ^_^

    I hope you enjoy it here at Iwaku as much as I have been! =D You made a good choice joining us.

    See you around! ;)

  18. Hello Raine! I'm Ozzie, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Kitti is right; you have a good attitude.

    I snuck a peek at your profile, and it looks like you're an artist! I'd love to see you put up a thread showcasing your stuff in our Writing & Art Museum. We also have an Art Fanatics group.

    Let me know if there's anything I can help you with!