Hello People of Earth! (Or Mars, or wherever you're from)

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  1. *bows dramatically* Hello my good people of the Iwaku community! I'm MyImmortalWolf, but you can call me Wolf, Wolfy, MyIm, Immy, Taco (Long story.), Skittles (Also a long story), Scathach, Scatty, or anything else you feel like coming up with! I'm a sarcastic high schooler from the eastern U.S. and I don't understand normal people. :3 Don't message me or interact with me if you can't handle sarcasm, for your own sake! I love riding horses and I have my own (It's a lease, but he's still my precious.) His name is Zulie, and he's adorable. I also love reading and writing stories and fanfics, and I do boxing and muay thai, with the occasional BJJ class thrown in. My favorite roleplays are definitely the sci-fi, fantasy, or post-apocalyptic one with plenty of action, but I'm willing to give anything unique a shot. Um... I think that's about it... PM me if you wanna chat, RP, or know more about my hobbies! Alright. Bye, before this gets awkward. XD
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Wolf, and holy crap you definitely do a lot more than I do. lol.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Mister Wolf #8795363.

    Sarcasm is truly the only path for greetings and fixing things. But it's nice to see another person similar to myself. Looking forward to seeing you in the forums.

    P.S.: Europa is where it's at. Ice moons <3
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  4. Hi there Wolfie! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Thank you all for the welcomes! Also, I'd like to add on that I'm a total nerd that loves Halo/CoD/M&B even though I'm a girl. And Pacific Rim. And the Avengers. Also, Verin, I am female. So it would just be Wolfie. Not Mister Wolf. :P
  6. I see, my mistake :P

    And finally, someone else who loved Pacific Rim! And all of those many other games/things! I think I'm starting to like you already =D
  7. YAY! I think you and I will get along just fine. XD I'm still trying to find the PC version of CoD: Black Ops/Black Ops II or Halo Reach because I don't have an Xbox or Playstation though. >.< It's like they're nonexistent. And yes, I love Pacific Rim. One of my favorite movies, along with Matrix. They're making a Pacific Rim 2 I think!
  8. Dear god yes, please do it ^o^
  9. Let's see... Movies that I really want to see once they come out:
    Pacific Rim 2 (I hope they make it!)
    The Alchemyst (Coming out in 2016. No, I didn't spell alchemist wrong, it's a book title)
  10. you play halo without an xbox, what madness? You totally need to invest in one. Oh and welcome to Iwaku, I guess. *Shrugs shoulders.*
  11. Damn, you make my intro look weak! Well, you are my first official welcome, so WELCOME!
  12. Yes, I play Halo without an Xbox, I'm not allowed to get one. >.< Parents. I want one though! :P Yay! First official welcome! *squeals enthusiastically* XD
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