hello people :D

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  1. hello people and robot ppl n.n here your new friend silenthowl :D i ummm ik how to rp but it was waaaay dif so b patiente with the noob and dont bully her kay? XD and invite to rp i love it plz pls pls
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  2. Welcome! Feel like role-playing here is quite different from what you're used, huh? Well, I deeply suggest you checking the Content Section. You might learn a lot there. Otherwise, you can always check this RP guide, which I deeply suggest. However, trying Iwaku's stuff is way more appreciating!
    Have fun!
  3. thanks n.n but ik how to rp its just i was used to a waaaaay more easy interface i used to rp on a site called OtakuZone but it shut doen TT_TT im just lazy to read when ppl write... a loooot
  4. Oh, you'll get used to it! Beyond my suggestions, I have one last suggestion. Use your full grammar knowledge outside and inside of role-plays, it helps you develop faster.
  5. nooo i hate grammer :l and my spelling sucks :l but fine :l i guess its for the best XD ty wanna ?
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  6. A "thank you" would be fine.
  7. lol thank you fine sr... or ma´am.. would you like to acompany me for a lovely roleplay sesion? e_e i´m short tempered sorry...
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  8. Yeah, sure, I have time for a little One on One.
  9. Oh, thats delightfull news! Would you like to take the lead? Please, I do insist. n_n
  10. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm October nice to meet you.
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  11. Nice to meet you too, and I must say I really like your profile picture. It´s so, beutifull. :D
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  12. Hey there, Pudding!

    Why is everyone so high-strung?
    Don't make me break out the Kumbaya!
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  13. Ummm... I realldy dont know how to answer to that... XD