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  1. Hey guys my name is Kate, I was recommended by my friend Amber to come here, idk what her username is but yeah!

    I am a furry, brony and otaku! I love zelda, harry potter, disney, and much more!

    I am a very nice person, so if you want to talk to me im here :3

    I am ok with doing sexual roleplays however I do not want any sexual relations with actual people or anything that involves me as a person. Anyone who does that will be immediately blocked.

    I have never roleplayed besides with a few friends.. So sorry if I am noobish xD. I am very experienced with writing fanfiction though so dont worry.
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  2. Welcome Kate! I hope Iwaku treats you very well and that you're able to enjoy yourself here in the community :)
  3. Welcome to the site Kate! Have a great time, and I hope with your many fandoms you find someone akin to your interests and make great friends :D
  4. Welcomez :D, Hope you enjoy your time on here and make heaps of friends Always good to see new people!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Kate! Let me know if you need help with anything.
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