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  1. -[BCOLOR=#f5f5f5]Tonight the moon is playing peek-a-boo, weaving in and out of ribbons of black clouds scudding across the sky. The silver moon was high in the sky giving off the only light, apart from stars that hung against the black night sky. The moon shone over the white stone buildings, quietly sleeping in the still hours of the night, as over the white, silent slabs of a country churchyard. Standing on top of the high walls of the church is a slender figure looking directly at you- “Hello friends my name is DreamingMoon, it’s nice to meet you here in this place. I am easy to get along with and down to earth for the most part. I enjoy trying something new at least once twice if I liked it. -Smiles- I do hope to make many new friends and learn new ways to role play while I am here.[/BCOLOR]
  2. Hello DreamingMoon! I'm just going to call you Moon if that's alright with you. Welcome to Iwaku! Well, if friends and roleplays are what you're looking for you've definitely come to the right place! I hope you both those things! What kind of roleplays are you interested in? We have a little bit of everything, I think.
  3. Hey there, DreamingMoon! :D Name's Bookworm. Welcome to Iwaku. I am a bit new here myself. Hopefully, we will be able to role-play someday.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! Nice to meet you too ; v ;
  5. I enjoy fantasy role plays and romance with action but also willing to try something new. Thank you for the welcome and calling me Moon is just fine. :)
  6. Hi there and welcome and nice to meet you Bookworm I would enjoy working with you on a role play
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome. Nice to meet you as well :)
  8. That would be great, Moon. If interested, I can send you a message about a role-play. :D
  9. Of course I would like that very much.
  10. If any one has any questions please feel free to contact me or just ask me pretty open to conversations.
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, Moon! I hope you find yourself at home here! c:
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome so far I am enjoying this place still settling in and hope to be enjoying fellow role players soon :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.