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So, well. I am pretty much very new to Iwaku.

That's such a fun and cute name. I love it. First impressions are amazing just because of that name. And the community! I've heard from a friend that it's super duper nice. And I like that. :bsmile:

I really enjoy roleplaying! I've been roleplaying for roughly four years now, and four is my favorite number. So even. Brings me bliss.~ Alexander Keagan is my darling child, but if I have to make new character babies.

I will be super excited.

I'm also kind of getting used to forum roleplay, so I need to adapt accordingly. Shouldn't take too long though, I'm a fast learner! Not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything. >.>;

.. Maan, conclusions are hard. I don't even know how I'm supposed to end this. I suppose, goodbye! For now. c:
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