Hello New Site

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  1. Well...I guess I should say hello. Trust me, this isn't my first rpg board/forum, and well, I should make myself known here. Here are a few things about me:
    • I love Comics, especially Batman, American Vampire, Justice League
    • I like to role play and I haven't been on a forum in awhile so treat me kindly
    • I am on Tumblr, if anyone knows what that is, actually I'd be surprised if you didn't know about Tumblr, it seems everyone does nowadays
    • And...I don't know, you can message me if you want to know about anything else I guess.

    Sorry if I seem a little off-putting right now, I'm typing this at 5:14 in the morning because I can't sleep.
    Anyways, hello all!
  2. Hiya.

    5:14 is a strange time, much like the dreaded 3am I-am-so-funny writing. When you feel more awake, come check out the Fantasy Roleplays. I'm sure you'll have a great time on the site. No one bites. Probably.
  3. ​Welcome to Iwaku! I am the big bad demon! Have fun here~
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm October nice to meet you.

    Let us know if you need anything.