Hello, new here.

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  1. Hello, I'm new here.
    Well I guess I should introduce myself.
    This is me in a nutshell....
    First off, yes I know I chose the name AntiFreeze,
    Why, because that was the first thing that popped into my head :big grin:
    Well any way let me see here,
    I'm not new to roleplaying, I've been doing it for several years, please don't ask me how many, cause I've lost tract...or...erm...can't remember.....
    I'm very creative person, with a different type of since of humor. I linger more toward the dark and gothic things. I will roleplay about just about any thing as long as I get to use my creativity. I'm naturally a writer and love to write.
    Most of my characters a mentally unstable/ mentally ill, volatile and very chaotic

    But I guess that is it....
  2. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku. *throws confetti* I'm Madyline.
  3. Hello there AntiFeeze! I will not drink you, even if you are sweet. <3 Welcome to the community!