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  1. Yes I am a new user, I would just like to take this time to say... HELLO. I am a male that likes to do the roleplaying, and what roleplays do I enjoy? It is very simple my friends, I like anything that doesn't come into my danger zone. What's in my dangerzone? Well talk to me and you'll probably find out. Besides this can't wait to get active whenever I do decide to do this. Oh and would there be any other rules that weren't mentioned in the intro when I created my account that I should know of, like how roleplaying works, how typical formatting goes when posting, ect. Really anything helps, I'm kinda slow when it comes to getting use to new sites.

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! How does roleplaying work? You use your imagination to create a story. As for typical formatting, there's no set format for each post made.
  3. Well I knew imagination part, but thankyou. Some sites have set writing formats to use, one example would be no "one-liners" or "must write in first person". I was just curious if those kind of rules were distributed though the community.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm sure you'll find some great people here to help feel at home.
  5. @Goodtvus Aah. Well all of that information was given to you within the private message you first got. If you're still wondering about it though, you can always go to the help bar and/or file a question in the help desk area. :P
  6. Hallo Goodtvus, welcome to the site! :D

    We don't have a set style here, because we allow and do ALL styles! O_O Game Masters and Players get to run their roleplays the way they wish. Our only big rule about that is making sure you post the topics in the right place.
  7. Well thank you @Diana, admins are usually silent on my old go to websites. I'm glad it seems like you guys are active, and thank you for the information.
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