Hello My Peeps! I'm Sherlock Honeycombs and I am an artist!

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  1. image.jpg Well the title was pretty self explanatory...but yes I am an artist. I love doing disney character art! Here's an example!
  2. Fellow drawing person! Hello!
    Welcome to the site!
    Enjoy your time here and roleplay lots!
  3. Hello there Sherlock Honey! 8D Welcome to the site with your fineass disney art
  4. Hark my fellow and random companions! The time is near for more drawings to be crafted onto this fine parchment! I am growing accustomed to your ways of this website and I look foreword on the acceptance of drawings! ARE YOU PLEASED NOW IWAKU? FOR I HAVE GIVEN YOU...stuff, drawing stuff XD
  5. Welcome to Iwaku~ :)
  6. Welcome!! Have a great time! This site is filled with amazing people and it's next to impossible to not have at least a good time. Lol.