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  1. y name is Wren, I have the mind of a twenty eight year old and the heart of a ten year old. I'm an aspiring professional storyteller and freelance comic book creator and am currently enrolled in college for art and English. I love yaoi (male/male relationships), but not all anime desu-desu kinds. To me, quirky and realistic (as they can be) characters and stories are the best. I'm also OBSESSED with horror anything.

    Well, it's nice to meet you all! I've been roleplaying for over seven years now, so I'm definitely not new to it. Feel free to ask me to write with you, I don't bite!

    Wanderlust out! [​IMG]
  2. That's all the stuff I want to be doing!
    And I always try to keep my characters as realistic as possible: they aren't gods. Unless they are gods, which complicates things.

    So, how are you adjusting to the site, Wanderlust?
  3. Yeah, having stuff in common ftw!
    Ungodly Gods can get complicated. o_______o

    I'm adjusting pretty well so far, just figuring out the controls and stuff. This place is a lot more active than I thought it was!
  4. Oh boy, very busy!
    I swear, we get at least ten new members a day! Granted, not all of them stick around, but there are quite a few.

    Any roleplays catch your eye yet? Or do you have one of your own you'd like to start?
  5. I'm just kind of hanging around, seeing if anything interests me. (:
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  6. Well, maybe I'll see you around sometime!
    Happy hunting!