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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by KThorn, Oct 12, 2014.


Do you have trouble finding new members to RP with?

Poll closed Oct 19, 2014.
  1. No, not really.

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  2. Yes, more so that I'd like.

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  1. Hello everyone *Bows*
    I just joined and am looking forward to getting started with some role plays. I don't really have any restrictions or anything I just really want to get back into the game, so to speak. I love plot driven RPs. I don't have a problem doing one-liners but it is hard for me to keep interest if there aren't a lot of quick replies with those. If you have anything in mind I'm open to it. I have not idea what I want to RP right now, I just know I want to start writing again. I am also looking forward to meeting everyone here.

    How are you, today?
  2. Hey Kithorn! Kathorn? Ah, I'll just say K-Thorn. I'd usually post a link to help but..... I'm sleepy.
    Hapsy Playrollin'
  3. Hallo hallo Kthorn, welcome to uuuuus!
  4. Hello guys :D Thanks for the welcomes :D
  5. Hi, Hi~
    Welcome to Iwaku^^
    Feel free to chat with me whenever~​
  6. Awesome! Thanks *smiles at you*